Rent a Car in Bahria Town

Rent a Car in Bahria Town & Wapda Town Lahore to Move in Style

Bahria Town is a real estate company that has established many Townships in different cities of Pakistan. Starting from the first gated community in Rawalpindi in the 1990’s, the company has created Townships in Islamabad and Lahore. Pace rent a car provides car rental services to the residents of Wapda Town and Bahria Townships in both Islamabad as well as Lahore. The company is loved by the clients because of its high-quality services and well-maintained cars that are available at low prices. For the residents, rent a car in Bahria Town & Wapda Town means calling up the office of Pace rent a car.

Pace rent a car is based in Lahore but it provides car rental services in many different cities of Pakistan. It covers the residents of Wapda Town, Bahria Town Lahore, and also the customers living in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. Whether you are dead tired after traveling and do not have a desire to drive a car or arrived in Lahore or Islamabad and need to visit a relative in Bahria Town, just remember one name and that is of Pace rent a car. You will love not just the comfort and convenience you get by renting a car in Bahria town & Wapda Town but also feel delighted with the professional yet friendly services of the company.

Lowest tariffs in Lahore

Variety of cars to choose from

Easy booking system

One thing that you can rest assured of is the fact that the rent you pay to us for a car of your choice is the lowest in town. Thus you can expect savings of yourself when renting a car from Pace rent a car. The company has many tariff plans and savings increase for a customer when he opts for a weekly or monthly tariff plan. Pace rent a car is known for its large fleet of cars that are all well serviced at all times. No matter which car, van, or SUV you need, they arrange it for you. Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Prado, Land Cruiser, etc. are some of the automobile companies whose cars are maintained by the company. Booking a car from Pace rent a car is as easy as making a phone call. Just give your address in Bahria Town in Lahore or Islamabad and the company sends the car you have asked for at your doorstep. You can also get a car on rent through online booking.
Move-in style by renting a car in Bahria Town from Pace rent a car.

Contact us to Rent a Car in Bahria Town & Wapda Town

Address: Adnan Rent A Car AB Rent A Car, PSO Bahria filling station Bahria Town Lahore
Adnan Cell: +92 (320) 4444-539
PTCL: +92 (335) 0440-058