Rent A Hiace/ Grand Cabin/ Tourist Van/ High Roof

But there are some very spurious reasons to own and drive a hiace, grand cabin, tourist van, hi roof. Don’t get turned around and think more by peer pressure. Don’t let other people select your rental vehicle for you with disapproving looks or space. When you need to travel together for some tour or function, you need a hiace, grand cabin, tourist van, hi roof.

Here are some best reasons to rent a big vehicle. Pick and enjoy your travel in a large and spacy car with your family and friends.

Carry more people

If you’ve got a big family, it may not be possible to transport everyone in one vehicle unless you drive a hiace or hi roof. If your family of seven or more needs to get from one place to another place at the same time you’re going to have to make multiple trips or take multiple vehicles. One trip in a big van or hi roof, and you save fuel, take up less space problem, and made maximum use of your rental car.

More space availableCOASTER SALOON

There’s no doubt about it when you rent a van, Hiace or hi roof you get a lot more space, the family and friends get more room to stretch their legs on long tours, and there is lots more space for luggage! This means that as soon as you pick up your van rental at your destination you can start enjoying your vacation right away, as there’s plenty of room for all your luggage.

Cost effectiveness

If you are planning to travel with 5 or more people, or with a large family, renting a tourist van, Hiace, hi roof or grand cabin is a great way to manage the cost of travel, and save money for the fun stuff! If you rent multiple vehicles it can become a logistical nightmare, and more often than not, it ends up being more expensive. Booking a family van and big car rental keeps all of your party in one place at the same time. It’s simple, cost-effective and efficient.

No compromise on luxury

Vans come in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of models out there to suit every type of driver. Moreover, with a van, you certainly don’t have to compromise a luxury rental experience. Many of the family van rentals offered by Pace Rent a Car afford you both functionality and luxury at the same time.


It isn’t worth driving your own different cars especially if you are planning to drive on the long route and more than four people to get to your destination, especially when you are traveling to other cities or long distant areas in city of Lahore. If you are traveling with children, family, and friends, it is more and more convenient for you to travel safe and at low cost and to rent a tourist van or Hiace. Long driving hours, it is increasing in the risk of having an accident and most probably you will get to your destination fully tired and hungry otherwise.

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